• Your Trusted Source for Septic Tank & Grease Trap Pumping in Decatur IL

    Is your septic tank overflowing? Trying to run a restaurant and need your grease traps cleaned? It’s time to call your local septic tank pumping and grease trap cleaning professionals for the service you need. At Parks Sewer Service, Inc. we provide a variety of septic services to home and business owners in Decatur Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. These are dirty jobs, and we’re the right people to do them with a dedicated, friendly staff that understands the importance of fast and affordable quality service.  Call us now to schedule the service you need to stay sanitary! 

  • Septic Service & Septic Tank Pumping

    When it comes to your septic system, you need help with maintenance. When it comes to septic pumping, cleaning, and maintenance, there’s no better choice than Parks Sewer Service, Inc. Our company takes safety and sanitation very seriously. Unfortunately, many problems that could be prevented go unnoticed by homeowners. Check out the following septic tank warning signs, and call our staff for the help you need. 

  • Septic Tank Warning Signs

    • Slow Drains
    • Soggy Grass
    • Gurgling Water
    • Toilet Flushing Problems
    • Water Backups
    • Bad Odors
    • Patches of Greener Grass
    • Patches of Standing Water
  • Grease Trap Cleaning Services

    Trying to run a business? Need someone to empty and dispose of the grease you create. Parks Sewer Service provides complete grease trap cleaning for companies throughout the Decatur Illinois area. We help a variety of businesses remove hazardous waste from their premises including grease, oil, and more.

  • Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

    • Improve atmosphere
    • Improve air quality and sanitation
    • Comply with local codes and laws
    • Avoid fines and fees for poor sanitation
    • Help keep a cleaner environment for employees and customers
    • Helps avoid accidents and health hazards